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I want to be a Distributor

Let’s deliver together!

If you already work or have worked in the transport and logistics area and intends to make it with a trusted partner, GLS Portugal is the certain answer. We are always looking for new motorists/independent transport companies in Portugal (Continental and Islands) to work with us, all over the country.

In GLS, we assume the commitment to maintain a collaboration based on trust and our long-term commercial relationship. Only this way we can create a base of quality service that we offer to our clients, where our distributors play a fundamental role. However, keep in mind that GLS does not provide a personal payment. We work exclusively on a sub-contract or agency basis.

Be part of our team! Contact us using the form below and we will find the best option for you. We have an extensive network of more than 500 ParcelShops and 50 agencies (including two depots) across the country.

What do we offer you?

  • Stable work and the best opportunities for success in an environment of continuous growth in the parcel sector
  • Teamwork, oriented towards the cooperation of all

  • Cutting-edge digital tools that make your job easier
  • We take care of your health: safe delivery and collection processes

  • Be part of a leading European order logistics company

Why does GLS work with transport partners or independent transport companies?2021-04-12T21:30:53+00:00

Like most large parcel companies in Portugal and the rest of Europe, GLS uses the services of transport partners or independent carriers to collect and deliver orders.

Our transport partners know their markets and local conditions better than anyone, allowing them to plan firsthand. It is the distributors themselves who best know their delivery locations, opening hours, contact points, alternative addresses and access restrictions.

What measures does GLS take to improve distributors’ working conditions?2021-04-12T21:32:14+00:00

In recent years, GLS Portugal has made continuous improvements and investments to optimize its systems, networks, mobile devices, services, tools, processes and training.

In recent months, for example, delivery and collection processes have been implemented with minimal contact, prioritizing the health and safety of our employees.

What kind of training does GLS Portugal offer?2021-04-12T21:32:56+00:00

GLS offers its distributors and agencies information and training on aspects related to operations, regulations, safety and sustainability. We also provide our transport partners with the basic concepts and all the tools for successful management in operational and administrative functions.

As a company that has ISO 9001: 2015 certifications for quality management and ISO 14001: 2015 for environmental management, outsourced processes, products and services are audited. This includes the management of transportation companies.

How the communication is made between GLS Portugal and its transport partners?2021-04-12T21:35:12+00:00

GLS promotes direct communication between the distributor and the GLS workplace or agency.

The flow of information between recipients and notifications of delivery or modifications are supported by cutting-edge technological solutions available to distributors. We seek to simplify, improve and facilitate the work.

At GLS Portugal we provide daily support to the entire company network, so that all information is always up to date at your disposal. We are a united team and ready to help!

Work clothing and delivery vehicles2021-04-12T21:34:04+00:00

Distributors have an extensive catalog of various types of GLS workwear that must be worn during the working day. The offer contains a wide range of different clothes and items that take into account the individual needs of drivers in terms of gender, size, season, application, etc.

Delivery vehicles must follow GLS labeling regulations. All vehicles must have the identification stickers provided by the company, which have various sizes in order to adapt them to the model and measurements of the transport vans.

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