FlexDelivery Service: you choose
We deliver

Play a role in deciding the date, location and more.

Getting started via e-mail

GLS will send you important information about the parcel via e-mail at the start of the delivery process.

The link in the e-mail takes you directly to the delivery options.

Select delivery date

You can select a specific date for the delivery. Six dates following the date of sending are available. The estimated time frame for delivery remains the same. Simply click and confirm the “Delivery on a specific day” option. GLS will deliver on the desired day.

Alternative delivery address

Not at home during the day? Then have your parcel delivered to another address. Your workplace or a relative who is home during the day, for example. Simply select the “Delivery to a new address” option, enter the new address and confirm. GLS will immediately reroute the parcel.

Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop

You can find over 5.000 GLS ParcelShops around Portugal. Search online for one near you and have your parcel delivered straight there. Your ParcelShop will be happy to accept the parcel and look after it for you for up to eight working days.

GLS ParcelShops have customer-friendly opening hours, so you can collect your parcel when it suits you. Click the “Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop” option, then select the desired GLS ParcelShop, confirm and GLS will reroute the parcel for you.

Collect it yourself from the GLS depot

You can also choose to collect the parcel yourself from the GLS depot responsible for your address. It is kept there for you for four working days. After that time it will be returned to the sender. Simply click and confirm the “Self-collection from the GLS depot” option. GLS will look after the parcel for you.

Decline acceptance

You can reject a parcel before it has even been delivered. As a recipient, you can benefit from this practical option if you did not order an item or have already backed out of the purchase. Simply click and confirm the “Decline acceptance of parcel” option. GLS will transport the parcel back to the sender.