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Frequently asked questions

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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions when making a delivery with GLS.

I’m a business, how can I apply for a request for quote for my business?2021-05-04T21:13:15+00:00

Now, you can request your tariff adapted to the volume of shipments you usually make to your needs. Write to us using the “I want to be a customer” form and our sales department will contact you with possible shipping solutions that we can offer you.

If you wish, you can also contact the nearest agency in your region directly. Find your agency on our online locator.

I am a private customer, how can I send via GLS?2021-05-04T21:13:27+00:00

To send via GLS, you can go directly to one of our agencies or to one of our ParcelShops. You can locate your nearest delivery point through our online agency and ParcelShops locator.

If you want to request a collection service, you can write directly to the agency by email or by calling the number that appears on the locator. You can also write to us using the form “I want to be a customer” with the specifications of your shipment and we will contact you to offer you the solutions that best adapt to your transport needs.

What is YourGLS and what do I need to do to register?2021-05-04T21:13:38+00:00

YourGLS is the private area for GLS business customers where they can check the status of their shipments, invoices, tariffs… To register on the platform, you must be a customer of GLS or its agencies network.

If you are not a GLS customer and wish to make your order shipments with us, you can contact us using the form “I want to be a customer“.

I want to become a GLS customer
To which destinations can I send orders with GLS?2021-05-04T21:13:47+00:00

With GLS, you can make national and international shipments with short delivery times. With its own network present in 40 European countries, we also have parcel delivery services all over the world.

The standard shipping time for European countries is usually 24 to 96 hours. On the other hand, shipments to the main business centers in the world (USA, Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore) can take 2 to 4 days.

See all the services that we can offer you on the “Shipping solutions” page and check your prices using our contact form “I want to be a customer“.

I want to become a GLS customer
How large may a parcel be?2021-05-04T21:13:58+00:00

A parcel may not exceed the following dimensions:

Length: 200 cm

Width: 80 cm

Height: 60 cm

Combined length and girth: 300 cm

Calculation of max. combined length and girth: 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x longest side

How much may a parcel weigh?2021-05-21T11:32:58+00:00

A volume cannot exceed the following dimensions:

Portugal and Spain

40kg maximum

Measures: L + W + H <300 cm

Rest of Europe

31.5kg maximum

Measurements: L + 2 x W + 2 x H <300 cm

Which goods are excluded from delivery?2021-05-04T21:14:16+00:00

Some shipments cannot be transported by the conveyor belts in our automatic sorting systems because of their size or outer packaging. GLS sorts and scans these “non-conveyable” consignments manually in the depots and distribution hubs. A surcharge applies for such consignments. “Non-conveyable” consignments are among others:

  • Sacks, truck tyres, rolls, bales of cloth, canisters, plastic buckets, and wooden boxes
  • Parcels with protruding parts of any kind

For more information contact us.

Can I track parcels in real time?2021-05-04T21:14:22+00:00

Yes, all parcels within Portugal can be tracked in real time by the sender and recipient using parcel tracking. Internationally, GLS already provides real-time delivery information in many countries. Scanned data from the hubs and depots of all GLS subsidiaries is immediately fed into the GLS IT system and is directly available online. Simply enter the shipment number or Track ID.

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What is the standard insurance sum of a parcel? Is an additional insurance possible?2021-05-04T21:15:09+00:00

GLS is liable for loss or damage of parcels in its custody. Liability does not include consequential damages like loss of profit.

The amount for loss or damage of the goods during transport can’t exceed 10€ per kg of gross weight and in case of the real value of the material be lower GLS Portugal only pay the real price of the material. This indemnity can never be higher than the real value of the respective goods. GLS limits the amount to 250€ per volume. You can find further information in the terms and conditions of GLS Portugal.

General Terms and Conditions
My question isn’t listed here. Where can I get more information?2021-05-21T11:47:16+00:00

Simply call our hotline: +351 219667100 (The rates of your telephone provider apply). Alternatively, send your question via the contact form.

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