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Does GLS continue to pick up and deliver parcels?2021-05-05T21:02:17+00:00

GLS has a supply obligation and picks up and delivers your parcels. We ask you to clarify with your recipients in advance whether shipments can be accepted. If receiving points are closed, then in the current situation we will immediately return parcels to the shipper.

How should recipients’ best behave now?2021-05-05T21:02:37+00:00

Since the delivery process in which the recipient acknowledges receipt of the parcel by means of a special pen on the hand scanner, among other things, is a major source of danger for infections in the context of our transports, we have decided to deliver contactless until further notice. This contactless delivery is considered as proper delivery. This is to continue to ensure a smooth delivery of your parcels.

How is GLS Portugal prepared if the situation gets worse in Portugal?2021-05-05T21:02:55+00:00

GLS reacts flexibly to any changes in local conditions, such as the closure of areas, roads or locations. We constantly analyze the flow of orders and routes, because if it is necessary to find other alternatives, we move forward without hesitation. Another measure was to increase the number of agencies in our network in order to continue to guarantee the quality of our deliveries and fulfill with our short delivery times.

What are the restrictions in international parcel shipment?2021-05-05T21:03:15+00:00

Sending orders abroad is still possible. However, we ask that you clarify in advance with your recipients in the respective countries whether orders can be accepted. If the receiving points are closed, in the current situation in which we live, we will immediately return orders to the shipper.

What does the current situation mean for the GLS ParcelShop network?2021-05-21T12:07:57+00:00

Most of our ParcelShops are considered by the authorities as necessary facilities for basic services and, therefore, they are authorized to continue to offer our ordering service to customers. You can find all of our ParcelShops available in your area here:

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What is GLS doing in order to avoid personal contacts in the GLS ParcelShops?2021-05-21T14:34:57+00:00

In the current situation, the health and safety of all those involved is also a top priority within the ParcelShop network. All necessary hygiene measures stipulated by the DGS are taken. No signature is required.

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