At GLS Portugal we attach great importance to compliance with the law and the ethical standards that are part of our values.
This is also our responsibility as a subsidiary of a group in which we have the motto: Zero tolerance for corruption.

In this way, we can guarantee reliable cooperation and also be part of a fairer and more sustainable business fabric.

To systematically identify and mitigate compliance risks, GLS has implemented a series of mandatory measures across the group:

  • Competition law
  • Law of modern slavery
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Anti-corruption
  • Economic sanctions
  • Crime prevention model

Code of Conduct

In order to strengthen the relationship and trust of customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and society in general, the GLS Group has implemented the Code of Conduct which establishes both the main values and standards of behavior of the company that are binding on the entire personal. The GLS Code of Conduct forms the basis for all business decisions and governs responsible interaction with all stakeholders.
Download the code of conduct

Reporting channel

The GLS Group has established a reporting channel to allow employees, business partners and third parties to confidentially report criminal or similar acts. Lawyer Dr. Rainer Buchert is available as a contact person for all of them, but Dr. Buchert will not handle complaints that are not of a serious, criminal or similar nature. In case of doubt, he will guide you how to proceed.

All reports will be treated confidentially. Dr. Buchert will comply with legal confidentiality obligations and will not reveal the identity of individuals without explicit consent. He has the right to refuse to make a statement (including the identity of the claimants) at the request of a court. Complaints to Dr. Buchert will only be transmitted to the GLS Group once the claimant’s consent has been obtained.

Of course, concerns related to the issues mentioned can also be reported to the employee’s immediate manager or the Compliance Manager.