Social, ecological and economic

As a leading European parcel logistics provider, the GLS Group is fully aware of its special responsibility to the environment and to society.

GLS understands sustainability as a holistic concept which encompasses ecological, social and economic responsibilities.

This means providing excellence in parcel logistics for customers and job security for employees, both going hand in hand.
With its service GLS also contributes to mobility and the reliable supply of goods, which are the backbone of the economy.

It is the Group’s objective to achieve sustainable economic success in accordance with the protection of the environment
for future generations. GLS also considers itself committed to the society in which it serves and thrives.

ThinkGreen: Our responsibility to the environment

As a parcel company, we developed the ThinkGreen program in order to protect the environment in which we carry out our logistics and parcel transport activity.


ThinkSocial: Commitment to society

Our commitment to society is reflected in the ThinkSocial program. This program groups the actions that we develop with third parties that aim to create and maintain a fair social environment.


GLS Portugal, S.A.

Corporate Social Responsibility Contact


GLS implemented in the entire group a program that aims to identify and avoid risks in terms of Compliance. In addition, it was designed to protect collaboration with business partners based on mutual trust.

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At GLS Portugal we have been certified by DEKRA in the development of our activity based on our commitment to environmental management, quality and sustainable transport. Access the Certificates page and check our accredited stamps.

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Sustainability report

Check out the initiatives that we developed from GLS in our Sustainability Report. Our goal is to protect the environment and the social environment in which we carry out our transport and logistics activities.

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